Monday, June 21, 2010

Jerusalem: The Covenant City

GenesisImage by Colin Purrington via Flickr
So many have often taken Prophecy as some kind of fairy tale or have listened to so many different doctrines to the point that they don't believe it anymore.
What many today don't seem to understand is that the Promises of God are still in complete understanding and has been happening for thousands of years now.
Today science and money tend to take what they want to explain to do their best at trying to wipe out true history as we know it. Removing the Bible from school teachings among many doctrines today. People are willing to think that people like Charles Darwin and evolution theories have somehow become fact instead of theory.

The fact of the matter is. Those that actually stop and think for themselves will begin to look up the truth on their own.
History is very rich and shows how real and how Mighty God has moved, not just in the past but continues today.

Jerusalem has been one of the major focal points throughout all of History. Today's News is showing this more than ever before.
Israel is very rich in it's history, Through many wars and total annihilation, it keeps coming back stronger and more powerful than before. Have you ever wondered why?

The Bible, though so many choose not to look there for answers actually shows ALL the answers. So many try to argue that Israel is Palestine, but you very rarely are told what is the rest of the story. Between Ancient Babylon, Turkish, and Byzantine and Assyrian Empires. This little itty bitty nation, Israel has rose several times in completing and fulfilling so many Prophecies in times past, written throughout all of the Bible and is continuing even more so today. Prophets that God sent thousands of years ago to warn his people of what is to come, what they must do, and how they must do it.

Prophecies are God's Promises to his people. It's not about doom and gloom, at least not if you know Him and His Son that is. The Bible became a book of Ancient Scrolls handed down from generation to generation. Dating back since before any written documents ever recorded in history. To top it all off. The copies for thousands of years have never changed from the originals. But more on that later. The Prophecies still remain totally real.
Sit back and take the time to watch all of these videos.
Is it Prophecy? Or is is Coincidence? You decide. Each World War revolves around Israel and so will the next one. Each Prophecy shown here. Has Already been fulfilled. Perfectly. Yet, there is more to come.

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