Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mark of the Beast?

I've been studying Prophecy for a long time now. Most in a Western way like most Americans do. I have also done some other studies from several other religions around the World. When I got sent this. It really kinda blew me away. Somehow it just seems to fit. Is it true? Take a look at it and make your own decision on this. I would love to hear feed back if possible.

I have several sites that show more on this that I will add here soon.
Check this one out as well.

Here is the Tranlations First English

Revelation 13:18

Here is wisdom. Let him
that hath understanding count
the number of the beast: for it
is the number of a man; and
his number [is] Six hundred
threescore [and] six.

Now the Greek Revelation 13:18

Revelation 13:18

Revelation 13:18

Notice the end of the Greek where it talks about the number 6 hundred and 66. Now if you just flip the picture sideways. You see some very similar truths to what he is talking about. Again you be the Judge.